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Hannah, Guelph, Ontario -- "For years I have been dealing with a reoccurring bladder issue.  I've gone to several doctors for medical help, taken all types of prescribed antibiotics but the issue never seems to go away.  My husband came across the aronia berry juice and convinced me to give it a try.  After consuming it for a few weeks I started seeing a change with my health, for better. I was thrilled and relieved to know that there is a miracle and that juice actually works. I've recommended the aronia berry juice to family and friends who have been nothing but grateful that something like this exists! If you have have any bladder issues, I recommend you give aronia berry a try, you really have nothing to lose."  

Michael, Canada -- High cholesterol was always a significant health concern for me,  and I was suffering from it for numerous years.  Having done a lot of research on my own I stumbled upon aronia berries.  Speaking with a colleague of mine who's been consuming the aronia juice for some time, he told me it would lower my cholesterol and improve my blood flow.  For several months now I've been drinking the aronia juice and can truly say that it does wonders, my cholesterol has dropped and now continues to stay at a moderate level.  

Cendall, Canada -- This juice is a miracle! 

Lazar, Toronto, Ontario -- I've been suffering from asthma/bronchitis for a number of years.  I've used inhalers that cost $180.00, it helped with my breathing but I stopped using them (because of the chemicals that are going into my body) since I started to consume the aronia berry extract. For the past couple of weeks I've been consuming the aronia extract, 50 ml every morning before breakfast and I've noticed a significant change in my health. I think this is an amazing natural remedy and I will continue to use it.  

Joanna, Pennsylvania, USA -- My husband has chronic high blood pressure and had recently been put on a diuretic, which failed to reduce the pressure, so his doctor doubled the dose, without success.  He has also been trying to lose weight with  diet products but has had no luck.  We then came across the Aronia juice from a friend who gave us the website, after reading much about it we thought to give it a try.  After two months of using the Aronia juice, my husband's blood pressure was normal, no more pills!

Ron, Maryland, USA -- For years I have had pains in my knees and in one hip when I walked or ran and my knees hurt when I walked after getting up out of a chair.  Also I had a gout problem.  After drinking Aronia juice for about three months these pains were completely gone. 

Laura, Hamilton, Ontario  -- I took Rx antihistamines for 20 years for severe allergies. Thanks to Aronia juice it helped my allergies.  Now if I take antihistamines or decongestant for a cold it will trigger an allergic reaction for me.

Sandra, Canada -- After struggling with debilitating chronic fatigue syndrome and acute depression for almost ten years now, I am very grateful for your remarkable insight and for your persistence in bringing this product (Aronia juice) to the public.  

George, Mississauga, Ontario -- My peptic ulcer that bothered me for years has gone into remission.  I have been on antacid pills for years and now no longer need them and such medicines.  For years I have had a habit of drinking colas. I am happy to say that I have immediately stopped craving them upon starting the Aronia juice project.  Also, my asthma has diminished noticeably.  I am delighted with all the progress that I have made just on the Aronia juice.

P.T. - Mississauga, Ontario -- I no longer suffer from dermatitis, dry patchy skin, dependent edema, so-called fungal infection under my toenails, gout, angina and heartburn.  I have lost 5 pounds without dieting and I feel better mentally and physically, presumably because of better metabolism.  My wife for years has suffered from swollen lower extremities and the problem has never been diagnosed.  After only a few days of using your juice, the swelling disappeared and she is able to eat meat again.  

Sean, Ontario -- I have painful arthritis in my hands and back and within two weeks I have experienced a considerable reduction in pain.  I sleep better, have more strength with greater coordination and relaxation.  I see life from a different point of view where everything seems easier for me to do and I am happier.  Thanks a lot!

Barbara, Hamilton, Ontario --  I was diagnosed with diabetes.  A friend of mine encouraged me to try this juice to solve my problems. Of course like many others I was skeptical of how Aronia juice could eliminate this disease.  My blood glucode level was 12 and the other problems were frequent urination, constant hunger and constant thirst.  After about ten weeks and a loss of twenty pounds, my blood sugar levels are now 5.5.  I watch my blood sugar once a day and watch the food intake closely, and still have not taken any medication.   

Dan, -- Just a brief message to let you know that after just 7 days, I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my stomach problems- peptic ulcer, heartburn and reflux. I do not have heartburn any more. I think my asthma has also improved. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful health discoveries with me and the rest of the world.

Mary, Whitby, Ontario  -- Before I started to take Aronia juice on scale from one to ten, I felt like checking in, a zero.  I wanted to die but now at least I feel like I am a seven or eight.  My attitude has changed greatly after I started drinking Aronia juice.  My joint pain is just about gone.  It'll flare up now and again. Thanks.    

Lorraine, Burlington, Ontario -- "After reading through your web site a couple weeks ago, I have tried to drink Aronia juice.  I am 68 years old and for months have just generally felt bad.  I'd go to bed at night feeling creaky.  My sleeps are fitful, I'd wake up the next morning feeling like I had been run over by a truck. After about four days on Aronia juice, I began to experience a general feeling of well-being and began to have energy throughout the day and sleep well at night.  Three weeks later, I feel like a fully functioning human being again."

Bob, Toronto, Ontario -- I am writing to thank you for leading me through the cure of arthritis and my allergies.    

Vens, Richmond Hill - After three months of consuming Aronia beverage, I can be proud that my eyesight is much better than it was before. Thank you so much for introducing me to this miracle of nature.

Svetlana, Niagara Falls - I can not believe that in only four months I've lost 27 lb. With no big restrictions on food or I had to do exercises. It's very easy to do, with no hustle. At first I could not believe it can happen, I was sceptical, but anything is possible. I got rid of  the high blood pressure, cholesterol, stress and depression. At the beginning when I started with Aronia beverage, I did not want to tell anyone how my fat melts. But now everyone is going to find out about this product. Aronia beverage is the best product for which I have ever heard. For the best results, people need to listen the advice. Thank you very much. I love you all.    

Daphne, Toronto - I have had problems with my thyroid for years. For years I tried different medications and natural remedies, one day I was happy one day I wanted to cry how I felt. In newspaper I got a Aronia berry flier. I was curious and I order two bottles to try. After two weeks of taking Aronia juice I felt something different in my body. I ordered  two more bottles Of Aronia juice to see if it's real or fake signal. I could not believe that I am now happy woman like new born,  thank God for sending a flier to me.

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