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Aronia berry is a miracle fruit, a true gift of nature!

Superfoods come and go; one minute they're being "discovered" and the next they're inescapable, before finally being replaced by the next better thing. A newcomer with staying power is the dark purple fruit known as the aronia berry, otherwise called the chokeberry, but we think the name doesn't do justice to the surprisingly palatable fruit, which has a distinct dry, astringent tartness.

With off-the-charts antioxidant levels (two to four times as high as rivals the acai berry, goji berry, wild blueberries, and cranberries, according to USDA studies)the aronia is an aggressive fighter against free radical damage caused by stress, poor diet, environmental pollution, and illness. While the anthocyanin-rich fruit been attracting notice over the last few years, is the best fruit in the world.

Aronia berries are individually hand picked and the extract is produced from the freshly gathered fruits by cold press which captures and preserves the rich diversity of the biologically active substances, fresh aroma and characteristic mild taste of aronia berry fruits.  The extremely high content of the biologically active substances wins aronia berry a proud place among the most precious healing plants.

There are numerous studies and evidence to prove the goodness of this berry and its health benefits.  The aronia berry is making its way into the diets of those who seek alternative health choices as well as gaining the benefits for overall wellness


Aronia berry is a super fruit with increased interest in phytonutrients, rich in an antioxidant compounds that have beneficial effects on human health.

100% Pure, Organic Juice.

Not from concentrate.

No added additives or chemicals.

No added artificial colour.

No added sugar, sweeteners or water.

Non GMO.

Gluten Free.

Aronia juice can be used as a natural colouring agent for drinks and food.

If you like vodka or rum, you can pour one ounce of Aronia juice in a bottle of your vodka or rum, then you can enjoy taste of it.

Aronia is easily integrated into smoothies, baked goods, toppings, breakfast cereal and many other treats.

Aronia berries are available as a whole fruits as well a juice.

It is food and Aronia is great for kids.

Aronia is good for people who have health problems and also for healthy people. If someone is diseased, it will improve their health and if you are healthy, you will be healthier.

We recommend not to consume coffee, tea and any kind of pop because these products contain caffeine  PH is 2.1, and it is very bad for body. Normal alkaline body PH is 7.45.

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